Awaken to the Art of Soulful Living

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with energy? Do you feel disconnected at times, like a secret ingredient is missing from your life? You could be in empathic overload… Learn to unlock the joy and abundance that comes with the discovery of your true self – your realized soul – and give yourself the gift of empowered sensitivity. 

Tune in to Your Soul!

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Support Options

Soul Expression Index

Jump-start your journey to self-discovery with the Soul Expression Index. What are your innate talents? Your mode of functioning best? What is blocking you from achieving your wildest dreams? What is impacting you that doesn’t serve any more? What is missing? Gain insight into your uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses, and receive a personalized plan of action for next steps. >>Learn More

Energy and Soul Support Package

Are you ready to stop energy overwhelm and hidden saboteurs and start living soulfully? This 7-month transformational package is what you need to reconnect to your DEEPEST ESSENCE and live with profound excitement and soulful expression. Work one on one with shamanic practitioner and coach Tessa Alburn on a weekly basis to achieve maximum results in your life. >>Learn More

Realized Soul Retreats

Release, reclaim, and regenerate with a private or small group retreat. Connect with other like-minded individuals seeking more from life and spirit in an intimate, sacred group setting. Create your own experience with a few cherished friends, or dive deep into a fully private, custom retreat with Tessa for powerful results. Be at one with nature, clear your senses and your energy fields. Get back in touch with your essential self and celebrate! >>Learn More

What People Are Saying

“I am finding life without anxiety is way more fun than life with! I find myself being much more open to new experiences. And I reclaimed my essential nature that had been struggling to emerge for so long, all in a way that was powerful and joyful and graceful.”

Jana M.

Author & Girlfriend

I really found myself this year and I am feeling deep love. My inner confidence has grown and my sense of self worth is now rooted deep within my heart. And I am in joyful expectation of my new job, and new life!”

Sara R.

Financial Educator

“After my soul work with Tessa, I found the strength and energy I needed to finally sell my house, and move to go be with my daughter again. I knew I needed to bring things to a close, and after my soul retrieval it seemed like it was almost silly I had been stuck… Thank you, Tessa. I am enjoying life again and trusting it as I do new things that are more in alignment with the ‘real me!’”

Francis K.

Healer & Grandmom

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