Soul Empowerment Process

Know your Soul

Are you ready to stop being inundated and start living soulfully? This 7-month transformational package is what you need to reconnect to your deepest essence and live with profound excitement and soulful expression. Engage in one-on-one weekly sessions with shamanic practitioner, coach Tessa Alburn and a Master Coach in this intensive program to achieve maximum results in your life.

What you Get

Reunify with your soul parts and reconnect with the potent energy of the Universe. You will also learn to develop your decision-making and intuition, and to express your truest self. Receive the structure and support you need for life transitions, healing, and growth.

This comprehensive package includes:

  • 6, 60-minute private phone sessions with Tessa
  • First session is an in-depth 2-hour experience with Tessa
  • 18, 45-minute additional support sessions with
    a Master Coach
  • Guided visualizations and meditations
  • Individualized energy clearings
  • Removal of negative intrusions
  • Release of outdated karmic cycles
  • Much more, depending on your soul’s needs

Soul Empowerment Process Features

Soul Activator Session

Clear energy cobwebs and reactivate your essence with this 2-hour intensive session. Part healing call, part coaching call, you will experience raised energy and open energy channels. Tessa will also lay out the specific actions that are going to make a huge difference in you feeling connected, empowered, and expressive

In-Depth Coaching

These sacred coaching sessions will help you experience momentum toward rediscovering your heartfelt goals and seeing them through to fruition. Each session is guided by your High Self, as you enter into sacred space to address your emotional, energetic, physical, mental, spiritual, communication and energetic needs.

Energy Clearings & Soul Index

Included in your program are the energetic removals of negative intrusions and the release of outdated karmic cycles. You will also receive activations for receiving higher truths, and learn energy tools to maintain your energy field at high levels of frequency. These areas alone will be worth the investment. 

Support Audios & Meditations

Some of your soul reconnection is going to require meditation time, so Tessa has created specific meditations, guided visualizations and unique sound healings to help you uncover your soul truths.

As a bonus you’ll also receive the Soul Expression Index so you can utilize the energy that comes naturally to you, and eliminate energy drains.

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