Women, do you seek 
more meaning
in life?
You know life could be 
so much more . . . 

    Stop the Soul Stealers
        and get your life
Discover the #1 Way You
Invalidate Your Soul 
Toleration and “handling” life are the subversive suppressors of a fulfilled life. 

You must always be expanding to be in high frequency energy. And peace never comes through waiting.

Instead, when you live an expansive life you feel joy and happiness on a regular basis because you are in high energy and you live your life . . .  instead of being in contraction and just tolerating it.
Your dreams are an expression of your deepest soul essence. 

When you set your dreams on a shelf or simply let them fade away in the distance you are literally losing fragments of your soul and you open yourself up to low frequency energies that have a big impact on all parts of your being. 

These energies often leave you tired, and in a perpetual state of dis-ease.

Partnering with your Soul is a lost skill for many women in our culture today.

To be in the love and flow of your truest Soul Essence, you will need to say goodbye to the past,

And stay in the present.

And you will want to do so with love and compassion for yourself. 
  • What You Need: Learn to feel real joy in the face of adversity or darkness
  • What You Need: To remember your deepest dreams so you can remember who you are at the center of your being
  • What You Need: Learn to listen to the still soft voice that is guiding you to your highest good, and be in partnership with your Soul
Because the world wants your  unique soul contribution....
I'm Tessa.
A facilitator, trainer, singer, 
intuitive, and caring guide committed 
to helping you become the woman 
you long to be in your heart.
I am finding life without anxiety is way more fun than life with! I find myself being much more open to new experiences. And I reclaimed my essential nature that had been struggling to emerge for so long, all in a way that was powerful and joyful and graceful.
Jana M.
 author & girlfriend
I really found myself this year and I am feeling deep love. My inner confidence has grown and my sense of self worth is now rooted deep within my heart. And I am in joyful expectation of my new job, 
and new life!
Sara R.
financial educator
After my soul work with Tessa, I found the strength and energy I needed to finally sell my house, and move to go be with my daughter again. I knew I needed to bring things to a close, and after my soul retrieval it seemed like it was almost silly I had been stuck… Thank you, Tessa. I am enjoying life again and trusting it as I do new things that are more in alignment with the 'real me!
Francis K. 
healer & grandmom
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