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Tessa Alburn is the founder of Realized Soul. With over 20 years’ experience in spiritual coaching and healing, she specializes in helping clients to listen to their hearts, eliminate energy intrusions and blocks, and rediscover their excitement for a soulfully expressed life.

Tessa’s work as a shamanic practitioner and coach is centered around re-connecting women to the divine field of possibilities, and expressing their unique souls with greater embodiment and energy. Listening to that soft voice that comes from the deepest part of themselves, which is often suppressed or ignored, while at the same time filtering out what is not theirs. Through energy discernment, protections and essence retrievals, her clients bring their True Self into full articulation. Her unique, client-driven approach makes all kinds of life-changing transformations possible, like healing past trauma, identifying and expressing innate talents, and uncovering one’s highest soul purpose. Tessa welcomes tough questions like, What am I still missing? and What’s my deeper meaning? 

“Each of us has the answers to our deepest questions locked up inside,” says Tessa. “My job is to help you locate the key.”

Tessa’s strong connection with her clients stems from her own past experience as a highly sensitive child. Early on, she struggled with chronic depression that followed her into her adult years. She was often scolded for being too sensitive and emotional, and she didn’t understand why her feelings were so intense at times. She felt abandoned by God and cut off from the spiritual world. A significant shift occurred when she remembered her sacred connection to animals and nature as a child. This revelation opened the door to a new spiritual and earthly experience.

A second personal breakthrough came 90 feet below the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast. A scuba instructor for 10 years, she found tremendous love and purpose in teaching, observing the metamorphosis of her students from fearful to full of wonder for the underwater world. She realized that her own dark past was the wellspring for her innate gifts – empathy, energetic sensitivity, and a natural affinity for guiding others into new territory.

Over the last 20 years, Tessa has designed hundreds of transformational classes, retreats, and products from which thousands have benefited. After living abroad in Panama and Honduras, she studied the art of shamanic soul retrieval and healing with soul retrieval masters Sandra Ingerman, Ann Hatfield, and Stuart Dole from 1999 to 2005. She worked for the Hoffman Institute in California from 2004 to 2012 as the Graduate Department Director and Facilitator Trainer for group leaders around the nation. She has served as the Director of Training and Master Coach at Dating with Dignity since 2010. A classically trained vocalist and flutist, Tessa incorporates the restorative power of sound into her shamanic healing work.

Tessa founded her shamanic practitioner business in 2005 and continues to consult and provide safe spaces for clients around the world under Realized Soul.

Tessa is grateful to all the Guides, mentors, loving ancestors and friends who have supported her in fulfilling her soul’s highest purpose in this lifetime.

“That ‘which did not kill me’ did cause me to become stronger, but it was a lot to overcome and not required for soul growth. Now I’m glad I made it through because I can share with you what I learned. May your path be made light. We are stars of peace meant to shine.”

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